1. Near to You


Wish I could let you closer to me Wish I could let myself open to you But I’ll stop the door from close’n Exposed and in the open Up front, I rarely wrote a song for you I’m sorry for all I put you through Consider this a back log apology For all the moments we’ll never see So many nights with you alone in bed Excuses left to fill my head Chasing a dragon labeled “E” What the hell is the matter with me? Oh, I’m just a selfish freak With too much left to do My resolve is concrete I have to change my tune- Me out when I am weak And bit off more than I can chew I’ve never been complete Unless I’m near to you I know you’ve had an axe to grind But I hope to give you piece of mind I’ll supply the stone you’re grinding And present my neck for finding The perfect end to a perfect day Is spent with you in any way Till death there is no other one Except for you cause' you have none