Analyze how you spend your day Take all your time someone else get laid Your money’s gone since you’ve been paid This seems to be the common way You stop and ask yourself, “Is this all that you wanted to be?” A slave to modern society You find a way to dull the pain Whoa, the week is over And all the work is done Make plans to get hung-over Until we see the sun Get heat coming through the door Because he’s seen those eyes before It’s been some years since he’s cut loose His jealousy is a pre-tied noose You stop and ask your boss “Is this all that you wanted to be?” Come out tonight and just rock with me And throw away your dignity Oh no I think I’m caught Oh oh I'll take a shot Live on, your time is wasted If you think there is a sure reward For being under appreciated With your back against the wall you made but blame Cutting down your honest friends With the Conspiracy that you create You’ll regret your youth in Hell