1. Dance


Conversation’s overrated
Can’t you see I’ve had enough
I’ve had enough

Tried your way and celebrated
Now it’s back to giving up
Call my bluff

Don’t tell me to dance
Don’t tell me to roll
I might just like a second chance
To take a stroll
Enjoy your feast
And drink you wine
I can promise you my friend
I’m doing fine

Don’t sit alone
Come up to me and share my bone
No need to be hasty
Enjoy your time and taste the throne

Told you once “It’s never dated”
I grow tired of saying too much
Retreat to touch
Felt the frayed end of your tailcoat
All that’s left for turtles like us
It’s just a fuss

Flip the lights and find the pieces
Did you plan on spilling your guts?
Is that a plus?
Gather up your humble feelings
Accountrement that’s gathering dust
Believe in trust