1. Nice and Slow


I seem to hear it most everyday
And I try to understand
The motivations of their prey
Settled in

Now it’s come to what I’ll say
But I stutter at the thought
Of playing anything this way
But whaddya know
Here I go

I know you like it
Nice and slow
But the echo rings in nighttime
Till I’m lost on where to go

I’ll feed the feeling
While I know
But the honesty’s my manager
And lies are never ever
Going to show

But with you here
I might just change my mind
Thoughts just spin around
Until your fantasy is mine

So in time
I’ll need a change of clothes
I’ve saved my better vision
For the handsome first row
So come in close
Listen, dear

Now you’re reaching out
To offer me your hand
Nothing I’d rather do
Than obey your command

Tellin me it’s all part of the plan
Standing close to you
It’s like we’re new again

But youth has given you the upper hand
I know you like it

I know you
You know me
This is how
It’s gonna be

I’ve seen the future
Bleak and true
You’ll be me and hate
Anybody new