May News

"...kind of 90’s flavored dude indie rock..." -Kevin Bowe

5/17/24: Do not be dissuaded. We have been writing new music and have a couple shows in the works for this Fall that will be exciting showcases. We are excited to share the new material with you when it's ready to go.
4/2/24: Kyle has left Handsome Midnight with the official statement below:

“Since I've joined Handsome Midnight I've gotten married, had 2 children, played on 4 albums, mixed 3, and mastered 2. I've learned so much musically, and personally. I'm looking forward to moving on to new adventures and pushing myself even more. I'm excited to see where Steve, Chud, and Brian take Handsome Midnight next. They are forever my friends, and I will be a life-long fan. Thanks for the support throughout the years.”

2/19/24: Two great shows are already under our belt and making plans for great bill team ups later this year. For now, we've already written two new songs for album 7 with a unique release plan starting later in the year.

12/5/23: After a successful public release show for our 6th album we are already in the process of writing album 7, but we will concurrently continue to produce some fun music videos and content from this recent release. Keep checking back. Shows will follow in the Spring (with new material).

“I've Done Better” Music Video: Click the image to watch our latest music video, released 11/7.


6th Album Announcement "RADIO": CDs are in hand and the music is available all across the internet. Get your physical or digital copy today, and some merch to match.